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Aug 23, 2004 - 4:10 pm
Title: Tournament

This is my first blog and I would not be writing this one, but I want to thank Moonraker for all the kind things he said about me.
Well the tournament is over and I sure am glad.  Two weeks is about all I can stand.  I have played in everyone and at the end of each one I sware I will never play in another, but at he last minute I sign up what is wrong with me.
The best part of this one was the last 3 hours and RL called me away for the last hour of that.

The Donald...thanks for the pick....hope to play with u again.  We didn't have much contact in the game, you were busy helping others. What little bit we did have was fun.

Satman.......I really enjoyed playing with you, you were alot of help to me.

Moonraker.....What can I say.  From the very start when I left BNT and started playing AAT you have tought me more then anybody else.

It was my pleasure to play on the same team with you three, being this was my last one.

btw...see u next game

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